Contact:  Brandi Wilson (President)                     


East Chester PTO

The purpose of the East Chester Parent-Teacher Organization is to promote the education and well-being of all children at home, in school, and in the community; to develop a closer relationship between school and home by encouraging parent involvement; and to improve the environment at East Chester Elementary through volunteer and financial support.

The PTO is a volunteer organization dedicated to managing fundraisers and programs to help the school that are not covered by the general school funds. The money raised is used to pay for the following:

- all field trips for the students;

- supplies and equipment needed by teachers;

- meals for faculty and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week;

- drinks, snacks, and activities at school events such as Field Day and other events;

- multiple other activities for the students.


All who would like to support the PTO are encouraged to become a PTO member. Our annual membership drive begins on August 15, 2017, and will continue until September 5, 2017. Membership fees are $2 per person. In addition, there are numerous volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. Please feel free to contact any of the officers listed on this page for more information.


We deeply appreciate your support and look forward to a fun and successful year with our parents, teachers, and children.